Agency structure

The PSR Scheme is managed by the Director, who is an independent statutory officer appointed by the Commonwealth Minister for Health under section 83 of the Act. In addition to conducting the reviews in line with the powers and functions set out in the Act, Section 106ZM states that the Director and the APS employees assisting the Director together constitute a statutory agency, and that the Director is the Head of that statutory agency for the purposes of the Public Service Act 1999. Under the Act, the Director is also responsible for arranging for the provision of services to each PSR Committee and the Determining Authority.

PSR is also prescribed as a non-corporate Commonwealth entity for the purposes of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, and the Director is prescribed as the Agency's Accountable Authority.

Executive and Management Committee

PSR's Executive and Management Committee comprise the Director, the Executive Officer and the Unit Managers. It meets on a monthly basis.

The Executive and Management Committee enables PSR to work across organisational boundaries to achieve corporate objectives. It promotes the core principles of good public sector governance, such as leadership, accountability, transparency, integrity, efficiency and risk management.

As PSR is a small agency, the Executive and Management Committee performs a variety of roles to support and monitor the organisation's business that might, in larger organisations, be performed by specialist committees.

The Executive and Management Committee is responsible for advising the Director on planning, budgeting, financial management, performance monitoring and corporate governance, including human resources and occupational health and safety.