About the PSR scheme

Through the performance of its statutory role, PSR protects patients and the community from the risks associated with inappropriate practice, and protects the Commonwealth from having to meet the cost of medical / health services provided as a result of inappropriate practice.

What is the PSR Scheme

What is the PSR Scheme

In its administration of the Scheme, PSR is responsible for reviewing and examining possible inappropriate practice by practitioners when they provide Medicare services or prescribe Government subsidised medicines under the PBS.

PSR examines suspected cases of inappropriate practice which have been referred by delegates of the Chief Executive Medicare. PSR cannot initiate its own reviews of a practitioner.


Inappropriate practice

Inappropriate practice is conduct by a practitioner in connection with rendering or initiating services that a practitioner’s peers could reasonably conclude was unacceptable to the general body of their profession.

History of the PSR Scheme

The PSR Scheme was introduced in 1994 to replace the previous Medical Services Committees of Inquiry. These were standing committees appointed by the Minister to deal with excessive servicing by medical practitioners.

Preparing yourself for the review

Preparing yourself for the review

At the start of the review process, you should take 3 key steps. 

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