2006 Amendments - Refining the PSR Scheme

In July 2006, two amendments were made to the Health Insurance (Professional Services Review) Regulations 1999. These amendments:

  • updated the list of ‘professional attendances’ which doctors could provide under the MBS. A wide range of medical services have been added to the MBS since the 1999 regulations were enacted, such as general practitioner after-hours attendances, general practitioner attendances associated with the Practice Incentives Program (PIP), and attendances for fitting contact lenses. These medical services are now considered ‘professional attendances’ for the purposes of establishing inappropriate practice.
  • specified bodies to whom a practitioner must be referred if the Director considers, or the Determining Authority or a PSR Committee advises the Director, that the person has failed to comply with professional standards.

The Health Insurance (Professional Services Review - Sampling Methodology) Determination 2006 was introduced to replace previous sampling methodology determinations. The Determination specifies the content and form of a sampling methodology that may be used by a Committee.

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