2011 – Senate Inquiry into the PSR Scheme

In September 2011 the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs conducted a comprehensive inquiry titled ‘Review of the PSR Scheme’ with particular reference to:

  • the structure and composition of PSR, including the criteria for selection of the executive and constituent members encompassing their experience in administrative review proceedings; the role of specialist health professionals in assisting in cases where members lack  relevant specialist expertise; and the accountability of all parties under the Act
  • current operating procedures and processes used to guide Committees in reviewing cases
  • procedures for investigating alleged breaches under the Act
  • pathways available to practitioners or health professionals under review to respond to any alleged breach
  • the appropriateness of the appeals process and
  • any other related matter.

In its report tabled on 25 October 2011 the Senate Committee endorsed peer review as the underlying principle of the PSR Scheme.

Further information on the inquiry, including the full Committee report, Government response and all submissions can be accessed via the Senate website.