Information for practitioners referred to PSR

The PSR Scheme was introduced in 1994 to protect the integrity of Medicare and the PBS. PSR receives referrals from delegates of the Chief Executive Medicare (based in the Department of Health) regarding the claiming and prescribing of practitioners. The Scheme is based on a peer review process.

The process for conducting these reviews is set out in the Health Insurance Act 1973, which gives PSR the authority to investigate whether practitioners have engaged in inappropriate practice.

As a peer review process the PSR Scheme has been designed to ensure that appropriately qualified individuals will make decisions on whether your conduct in connection with rendering MBS services or prescribing under the PBS would be unacceptable to the general body of the members of your profession or specialty.

The process has also been designed to give you a number of opportunities to present your case, and respond to the findings of your peers.

It is important to note that the PSR process can have significant outcomes. The professionals who sit on Committees and the Determining Authority take their responsibilities very seriously, and do not make decisions to find inappropriate practice or sanction their peers lightly.

To assist you in ensuring that you have appropriate and relevant information available to help you understand the Scheme, I encourage you to review the information on this website and the following publication: 


Professor Julie Quinlivan
Director, Professional Services Review