What can you expect from PSR?

All staff at PSR are bound by the Australian Public Service Values and Code of Conduct. Through the application of these policies PSR seeks to ensure it operates with a high standard of professionalism, integrity and ethics.

PSR staff will keep you informed throughout the process of how the matter is progressing and will make every attempt to limit the impact of the process on your practice.

PSR will provide you with reasonable time to respond to requests for documents, make submissions and to prepare for meetings and hearings.

The Director and a PSR Committee will conduct their review of your practice in accordance with the principles of transparency, natural justice and procedural fairness.

In their reports to you the Director and a PSR Committee will explain the reason a decision about your practice has been made and you will be provided the opportunity to make written submissions to address any issues that are raised. You will also have the opportunity to object to, and seek review of, the people who the Director selects to form your Committee of peers.

If your matter is referred to a Committee all hearings will be held in private and you will be treated professionally and fairly by your peers on the Committee.


PSR expects that its staff and officers will comply with the legislation governing the PSR process and:

  1. keep you fully informed of the progress and status of your matter and promptly acknowledge all interactions you have with PSR
  2. provide you with a dedicated case officer to assist in clarifying any issues or concerns you have, and ensure you have access to information to assist your understanding of the process
  3. make all reasonable attempts to limit the impact of the process on you
  4. give you clear reasons detailing why decisions have been made
  5. in accordance with the legislated process, give you the opportunity to respond to findings that are made and give each response you make fair consideration
  6. set out the evidence that has been taken into account when reaching decisions and the reasons why particular evidence was rejected or given less weight
  7. uphold the confidentiality and privacy of you and your matter.