PSR Agency corporate information

The PSR Agency is a small Commonwealth Agency in the health portfolio. The Agency exists to provide administration and support services to the Director of PSR, PSR peer review Committees and the Determining Authority in performing their legislated functions under the Health Insurance Act 1973.

To perform these duties the Agency is guided by the Health Insurance Act 1973, the Public Service Act 1999 and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. The PSR Agency overview and planned resources can be found in the Portfolio Budget Statement excerpt 2012-13 on the governance and corporate documents section of this website.  

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to act with integrity to enable the operation of the PSR Scheme and thereby safeguard the Australian public from the risk and cost of inappropriate practice within Medicare and the PBS.

Our Vision

The vision of the PSR Agency is to:

  • Conduct its business in a transparent process that resolves concerns efficiently and accurately.
  • Continue to play a key role in protecting the integrity of Australia's universal health system.
  • Be held in high esteem by the profession, who actively support the process and the people charged with running the Scheme.
  • Be a model Public Service Agency by meeting the expectations of the Government and the Australian public and demonstrating the principles of good governance.

Our Goals

To achieve our vision the PSR Agency has the following four goals:

  1. PSR complies with Commonwealth laws and conducts its business accurately, effectively and efficiently
  2. PSR monitors and reports on its performance and is committed to continuous improvement
  3. PSR is a model APS employer able to attract, develop and retain high quality people
  4. PSR is respected and has the confidence of its stakeholders.