Information Publication Scheme

Following reforms in 2010 to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act), Australian Government agencies subject to the FOI Act are required to publish a range of information on their websites as part of an Information Publication Scheme (IPS).

This includes the Agency's structure, functions, appointments, annual reports, consultation arrangements, and details of the Agency's FOI officer. Information routinely released from FOI requests and routinely provided to parliament must also be published online.

PSR Information Publication Scheme

The following hyperlinks will direct you to relevant information (web pages and documents) on the website.

Required information:

Agency Plan

Who we are

What we do

Our reports and responses to Parliament

Disclosure log

Consultation arrangements

  • The Department of Health administers the Health Insurance Act 1973 and consequently undertakes public consultations in relation to matters arising under Part VAA of the Act. PSR does not undertake public consultation, however PSR regularly liaises with other government stakeholders such as the Department of Health, Services Australia and professional bodies such as the AMA. 
  • Contact us [s17]

Contact us

Other information:

Our priorities

Our finances

  • PSR complies with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and the PGPA Act.
  • Pay and grading structures [s21] 
  • Tendering and contracts

Our lists

Our submissions

Other publications